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Hinterm Horizont celebrates its world premiere at the Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz

The fall of the Berlin wall is one of the most moving episodes in the history of East and West Germany. No museum, no encyclopaedia, no travel guide can recount the history of the German capital city during the time of the Wall in such a stirring, original and above all spirited way as the Berlin musical HINTERM HORIZONT.

For non-German visitors to experience and understand the most successful musical of Berlin, Songs and dialogues can now be read in English on large LED displays to the left and right of the stage. HINTERM HORIZONT - IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT, YOU HAVEN’T SEEN BERLIN.


Udo Lindenberg was the first West German musician to be granted permission to play a concert in the GDR. His performance at Palast der Republik in 1983 got the state security authorities into a big sweat and brought tears of joy to the eyes of the elated audience. This was the beginning of a fateful love story.
Udo gets to know a young girl called Jessy. They fall in love and face a future ripped apart by the Wall and barbed wire. While state security is still trying its best to put a stop to 'Udo mania' by producing a clone, the real Udo comes along again and knocks a few more chips out of the Wall.
When tears roll down grown men's cheeks because they feel taken back to a divided republic, and when women are smitten by a formidable love story studded with passion, pain, loss and betrayal. Then you will know: they have just seen HINTERM HORIZONT.
A sensational show, grand theatre, combined with impressive historic video clips and a rock concert with clout: HINTERM HORIZONT is definitely not just a musical about one of Germany's best artists. Udo Lindenberg's lyrics are far more than just music to the public's ears; their profound depth recounts the musical's story.

About Udo Lindenberg

One of a kind, unmistakable and vociferous, Udo Lindenberg has definitely rocked his way into the annals of the past and present century. A man who defies any cliché and has carved his own unique career from the outset - with inimitable success.
Taking the fast track to fame at a young age to become Germany's best drummer, subsequently laying the baseline for German rock, selling millions of discs and, still today, providing inspiration for generations of musicians. And on top of that: Udo Lindenberg didn't see his music as entertainment, but applied it as a political instrument with mottos like 'Gitarren statt Knarren' (Guitars and not Guns), and hits like 'Sonderzug nach Pankow' (Chartered Train to Pankow). All aimed at toppling the Wall - which almost succeeded at times - and for which he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Where music is concerned, Udo Lindenberg enjoys greater success today than ever before. His latest composition 'Stark wie zwei' (Strong as Two) has sold more than any other Udo album before it. In addition to music, the artist is a devoted painter, something he indulges in again and again - but not with normal colours. No, he creates masterpieces in liqueur paints he has developed and patented himself. But that's typical for Udo.