Unparalleled in Europe. Unique worldwide.

BLUE MAN GROUP is like the heartbeat of Berlin: Intense, innovative, and creative. And, of course, a little crazy as well. BLUE MAN GROUP cannot be pigeonholed, but that is exactly what makes the show so unique. This enthralling mix of rock concert atmosphere, first-class comedy, and fascinating technical effects has thrilled audiences numbering

more than 35 million worldwide, over 4 million in Germany alone. Join the millions who have experienced this show, which is unique in Europe. BLUE MAN GROUP must be seen live because it is truly not possible to describe it with words alone. Right in the very heart of Berlin.

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“The Show-Sensation!“

Time Magazine

The Show

BLUE MAN GROUP is a spectacular show: it is fun, witty, intelligent, surprising – just different! BLUE MAN GROUP thrills and provokes you with creativity, comedy and great music.

“An absolutely ecstatic experience ...”

USA Today

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Ticket-Hotline 01805-4444

14 Ct./Min. aus dem deutschen Festnetz max. 42 Ct./Min. aus dem Mobilfunknetz