Over the last 15 years, BLUE MAN GROUP has developed into the most successful long-running show in the German capital. And we have no intention of changing this in any way. Quite the opposite!
BLUE MAN GROUP would not be BLUE MAN GROUP if we didn’t reinvent ourselves from time to time. As a result, BLUE MAN GROUP is always new, always different and always surprising.
As of now, we will be presenting our new Berlin show. It will of course stay true to the BLUE MAN GROUP DNA, and yet we also have a lot of new things up our sleeves. The connection between BLUE MAN GROUP and its audience will be more intensive, even deeper, and even more surprising – both during the show and before and after it.
BLUE MAN GROUP – only in Berlin!

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“The Show-Sensation!“

Time Magazine

The Show

BLUE MAN GROUP is a spectacular show: it is fun, witty, intelligent, surprising – just different! BLUE MAN GROUP thrills and provokes you with creativity, comedy and great music.

“An absolutely ecstatic experience ...”

USA Today

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